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Newsletter #23 - December 2012

The Curse of Jet... part VI?

Tower of BabelWith impeccable timing, the sixth and final part of Martin Gordon's Mammal Trilogy is announced just before the end of the world is due (Friday the 21st of December, in case you haven't yet booked your ticket to Bugarach in the French Pyrenees, where kindly aliens will await the arrival of all those fleeing Armageddon with cups of hot sweet tea and digestive biscuits, one packet per head, for the eating of).

Should, however, these events not come to pass, you maybe mollified by the timely debut of Gordon's 'Include Me Out', at least if you can hang on till February next year. There is also an opportunity to participate in the project via Pledge Music, and we don't mean by keeping your woodwork shiny and clean, although that's fine if you want to head down the hygienic route - nothing at all wrong with a bit of order about the place.

Pledge logoBut anyway. The intention of this Pledge campaign is to raise enough to cover the costs of recording, musician fees, mixing and mastering – any additional funds will be used to cover the expenses of promotion. So as well as the basic 'Include Me Out' album, there is also a pile of attendant STUFF. This STUFF is available separately but, and it’s a big but – there are some mouthwatering BUNDLES which combine various items of STUFF into an economic package especially tailored for your pocket. It works out much cheaper in the long run to invest in a bundle of STUFF, believe us. And of course the STUFF is all individualised with a dedication to you, the discerning Mammal-lover. See the link below for details.

Since the release of his ‘Time Gentlemen Please’ album in 2009, Gordon has lain low, observing proceedings with a jaundiced eye. Finally spurred into action by a combination of penury, misanthropy and an increasing hatred of ant-eaters (we do not include the entire species of the suborder Vermilingua, but specifically the genus Vermilingua peronatus singularis), he was driven to create ‘Include Me Out’ as the sixth part of the Mammal Trilogy.

Demented despots and paranoid protein espousers

A brief look under the cover of ‘Include Me Out’: the album’s twelve songs focus upon the imminent demise of the human race despite the increasingly popular use of recycled toilet paper; the songs address xenophobia, quoting an American politician who noted that “if English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me”. They observe the Arab Spring and the temporary dearth of despots despite them sitting in broken-down cars holding umbrellas and everything.

StanleyOne song also tells the haunting story of protein king Stanley Green, an English eccentric from the 70s and 80s now declared to be the first ‘human billboard’.

'Include Me Out' details...

KimonoWho he?

Martin Gordon began his career in the Seventies as bass player with Californian art band Sparks, who found success in the UK with hits ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us’ and ‘Amateur Hour’ from their 1974 album ‘Kimono My House’. Following his dismissal for reading the newspaper while rehearsing, he moved swiftly on and formed Jet, described by All Music Guide as ‘the first supergroup of glam’. They were also described as ‘clambering aboard the glam-rock bandwagon just before the sparkly wheels fell off and deposited the occupants in the cosmic ditch’. And then along came Radio Stars, Kylie, Tiger Lillies, Rolling Stones, Sezen Aksu, Blur and all those others. More about recent decades here.

He was described in 2009 by Classic Rock magazine as being 'like Brian Eno fronting 10cc at a cleverness convention', although whether this was intended as a compliment or insult is not clear.



IMO CD cover

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