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Swedeflash Swedeflash Swedeflash Swedeflash Swedeflash SwedeflashSwedes (mostly)

Martin Gordon, Pelle Almgren and a cast of a thousand Swedes on June 1st live in Stockholm

JesusOne night only in Stockholm on June 1st, to celebrate the Ascension of The Bloke Who Zoomed Upwards Like a Rocket to Save the World, and we don't mean Wernher von Braun... At the Skäl Club - Martin Gordon, Pelle Almgren and the Sviidish Mammals. (What, you didn't know that having a Scandinavian band was de riguer? Well, it is, alright?). The band will consist of Mats Grundström on guitar (from the Leather Nun), Max Lorenz (from every Sviidish artist ever made) on keyboards and on drums Chris Montgomery (surely ex-something but I don't know what... Yet. Which is why he is temporarily represented in the glamorous line-up above by a tasty vegetable. It is, as any fule kno, a swede. We do not wish to dwell any longer on this topic).

SwedeOle caramba! The set will cover the lengthy, some may say interminable, career of this caring yet approachable Nobel-prize-winning personal friend of James Bond. Selected guests may even be served helpings of Mole surprise, a basically nocturnal dish especially created for this evening, and one which does not travel well. Those who are partial to third-rate Australian copyists will find a warm Swedish welcome here. Those familiar with the internal workings of British rock with a twist ('Hey!') and, of course, mammal specialists, will all find their home-away-from-home at Skäl. It means cheers, but you have to have a special 'a' with an umlaut, otherwise you won't get in.

FacebookYou can participate in this vegetabular event by voting for the set-list of your choice here. Votes will be acccepted right up until the very last nano-second, when we will be forced to close down the voting due to enormous demand and circumstances beyond our control and then do exactly what we were going to do anyway. But you never know, if anyone comes up with a really great idea, we may well pretend that we came up with it earlier. And as well as interactive voting, there are also also premium rate phone lines, souvenir trolls, personalised rotten herrings, vertical hair and lifestyle-enhancing executive doodads.

More details (alas, Facebook only, but not many more, I mean I think we've basically covered it above) here...

Do you know any Swedes? If so, spread the word. If not, now's your chance. They are really very much as you and I.

Skäl Club, Lindvallsgatan 11
117 36 Stockholm, Sweden


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